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*New* The Little Fluffy Cloud by Jo Law (Signed)

*New* The Little Fluffy Cloud by Jo Law (Signed)

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The Little Fluffy Cloud is a children’s book for everyone. Written by Jo Law, The Little Fluffy Cloud embarks on the journey of a lifetime after discovering it had rained the night before and their cloud family is nowhere to be found.
Follow along as the Little Fluffy Cloud flies through the skies, navigating the highs and lows of life and loss while meeting some delightful and insightful pals along the way!


Growing up in Calgary, AB Jo Law traded her office job in the city for tiny living in the woods. Now a recovered city slicker, Jo spends her time semi
off grid with her partner Dave in the incredibly breathtaking wee village of Nakusp, BC. When not dazzling customers with her vegan food truck
in the summer, Jo can be found in nature, taking seven million pictures of her cat, Stirfry and dog, Tylerbeans. This is Jo's first book.

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