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"Eat Your Dreams" TastyTimes White 12oz Enamel Mug

"Eat Your Dreams" TastyTimes White 12oz Enamel Mug

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TastyTimes Vegan Eatery reminds you to "Eat Your Dreams", a phrase my toddler nephew muttered one morning over cereal and cartoons. My nephew is now 16 and the catchphrase lives on! 

This lightweight Enamel mug is perfect for any event of the day, especially for camping. Whether you're on the go, having your morning coffee, or a warm beverage you can easily use this mug. Order a personalized Enamel mug to sell in your store, or for your next hike

- Enamel 12oz mug

- NOT dishwasher or microwave safe

- White coating with a silver rim

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