#BuyLocalNakusp22 Campaign

There is a LOT in store (don't pardon the pun) for Nakusp in 2022 for both business owners and customers alike! Thanks to support from both Columbia Basin Trust as well as Nakusp and Area Development Board, The Branchery is now in motion to bringing 3 exciting components to our village:

1. #BuyLocalNakusp22 Card 

Customer - This is an excellent opportunity to win prizes simply by shopping locally as you normally would. As a customer, get yourself a #BuyLocalNakusp22 card from HomeGrown Market (320 Broadway Street). Then, anytime you purchase a good or service from a local business, ask them to fill out a single space on the backside of your #BuyLocalNakusp22 card with the Business Name & Initial. Once all TEN spaces are filled in, drop the card in the specially marked box at Homegrown Market. **REMEMBER: Fill in your details on the front of the card AND answer the Skill Testing Questions correctly BEFORE dropping off your completed card.

Vendor/Business Owner - There are #BuyLocalNakusp22 cards for every village member who chooses to participate. When the customer makes a minimum $10 purchase, (excluding alcohol, cigarettes and lotto) sign 1 box on the backside of their card with your business name and initial. That’s it!

2. Directory

The Branchery is in the midst of growing a directory for customers to easily access, navigate and connect with Nakusp and Area local Businesses.

3. Ads

The Branchery is also in the beginning stages of producing a variety of ads for participating local businesses. Stay tuned for some fun local business amplification!

If you are a local business in the Nakusp (and surrounding area) and you would like to get involved or learn more, please take this 5 minute survey!