Collection: Chillia Zoll, Chillia Zoll IHP

Chillia is an Integrated Health Practitioner who works with clients on “root cause” wellness using a broad range of holistic healing modalities to help clients feel their best. She is a doTERRA Wellness Advocate and currently working on her own line of Intuitive Flower Essences. Chillia has over 25 years of experience working with medicinal healing herbs and flowers. Working with the seasons, each product created is small batch/ limited edition, unlikely to be reproduced exactly the same again. Chillia does accept custom requests for essential oil blends and will work with clients to formulate products best suited to ones bio-individual needs. 

4 products
  • Flores Archaea Intuitive Flower Essence
  • Handcrafted Beard Oil
  • 30mL Castor Oil Blends (3 Supports Available)
  • (2/3oz) Woodland Wanderer Deep Healing Balm